Ali Abdaal x David Perell.

21:16 Humans are horrible at long-term goals. You have to match up your desires in the short-term with your desires in the long-term.

21:18 You'll meet your best friends when you (still) have a small audience.

21:19 What should you write about? Listen for moments that make your heart beats faster, gives you goosebumbs and makes you watch with big eyes. Listen, feel and see. Do and write about what interests you, forget about what the world is interested in.

21:23 Open vs owned platforms. Open platforms is open for everyone, like Twitter. And owned platform is owned by you, you're in control. Use your owned platform to write on, use open platforms to get people to your owned platform. For example, post links of your content on your owned platform on open platforms. Find people on open platforms and convert them to your owned platform.

21:28 Serendipity Vehicle. About robots.

21:33 How do I be unique? How do I write things that haven't already been written about? There's something in writing about something, because it has made you think about something. meaning you already know a lot more about the topic than other people. You're transferring computer RAM to a hard disk. Free up memory for new things to think about. You'll also be more well-spoken, because over time you can talk and give examples based on what you have written about before. People are eloquent because they speak about things they have written about before.

21:39 Pro-tip: watch big YouTuber's first videos. And: MKBHD's 100th video, where he talks about his 77 subscribers (!).

21:44 The secret of life is to find something you like doing, and then find a way to keep doing it.

21:45 Process vs Goals, or Journey vs Destination.

21:49 There are two ways to get where you want to go. The beaten, obvious, predictable path, or the path that you feel is the best. Follow your feelings instead of cliche advice.

21:52 5-minute journal

21:52 What about younger people mentoring older people. Take advantage of being young, turn it into an asset instead of a liability. Society is age-segregated.

21:56 Stuff you assume to be basic can be an eye-opener and really interesting for others. You know what they say about assumptions... :-)

22:06 You're not going to break through impostor syndrome. You have to live with it. You can't ask a marathon runner how not to be tired while running. That doesn't happen, it's a given. The secret is how to deal with it given that it's there. Try to take something that's pushing against you, turn it around and let it help you. For example: turn the anxiety of giving a talk into something positive.

22:32 Intellectual phase transition. From reading a book, writing a summary for it, combining it with ideas from other people, discover your own epiphanies and then write an article people will turn to. Transitioning from one phase to another. Or in short: you're taking content. internalize it, put your own sauce on top of it and then distribute your own version of it (in writing, a video, a podcast, whatever).

22:37 The Heroes Journey

22:43 Never write from a blank page. Start from something, like notes, another article, another video. Build on the shoulders of giants.

Author: Ali Abdaal David Perell