Attitudes of Effective Life Coaching.

  1. The mind and body affect each other
    Your physical condition can affect your mental condition, and vice versa, in the worst case entering a vicious circle.
  2. Every behaviour has a positive intention
    Who would we be to judge what other people's intentions are? We have one gage to judge ourselves and another to judge other people. Be cautious when judging people's behaviour; find their intentions instead by asking (better) questions.
  3. Behaviour is geared towards adaptation
    People try to adapt and fit into a group. Potentially losing (part of) their authenticity in the process.
  4. Accept the person; encourage changes in attitude and behaviour
    A person's behaviour is not the person. Behaviour can change. Separate a person from his actions.
  5. There's no such thing as failure, only feedback to be received
    When you stop trying after a failure, you block your ability to learn. Learn through experience.
  6. Respect for the other person's model of the world (even if you don't understand it)
    As a life coach, it's not your job to form an opinion. You should stay neutral. Only from neutrality you can ask questions and understand a person's perspective.
  7. There are no bad people, just unhelpful attitudes, habits and behaviours
    No one wakes up with the goal of offending someone. But it might happen regardless. Who are we to judge?