Building a Second Brain - An Overview.

We consume a lot, but we fail to use it. The brain is for having ideas, we need something else to store them. We need a Second Brain, so that our actual brain can keep its focus on creativity.

This extra brain should be linking things together instead of consisting of silos.

Steps to build a second brain:

  1. Remember
    1. Think about what you want to remember. Make curated choices. The outcome of this could be your main index.
    2. The PARA system organizes information by "when" you would like to see it next, instead of organization by category.
  2. *Connect
    1. Reading about topic A could lead to insights in topic B. Without having that goal before reading.
    2. Summarizing and organizing happen in small steps over time. Progressively summarize notes (summary of summary). Organize and add value to a note every time you touch it.
  3. Create
    1. Use your second brain as basis for creation. For example, to write an article. Stand on the shoulders of giants.
    2. Information only becomes knowlege when you use it.
    3. It's never a good time to start, so just start. Work incrementally and improve.

Anything you consume can be put to use anywhere, sometimes in unexpected places.

Author: Tiago Forte
Links: Forte Labs overview