Building A Second Brain, Deep Dive with Tiago Forte.

00:37 Life was divided in boxes. School from 6 till 22, work from 23 till 65, then retirement from 65+. Those boxes don't exist anymore. Also not in jobs, for example. Job descriptions used to mean something, now your actual job is something (completely) different. Same for industry sectors, where banks become tech companies, tech companies become clothing companies, clothing companies become media companies, etc. Ultimately, our lives are a constant stream, fed from all directions. We have to "learn to play in a stream". Building a Second Brain can help here, the second brain being your stream, where everything is connected (everything is streaming).

00:44 Chaos is necessary. In the world of nature, we are making the shift from orderly to chaos. For example, random and chaotic forests with undergrowth are way healthier than human-planted, organized forests (without much needed undergrowth). As for productivity, we're still in this (too) organized mindset. You need Productivity Randomness. You don't want a perfect life that needs to be managed, you want to have an unmanaged life. That's a fun life. Of course you need some kind of goal, some kind of structure, but only just enough to keep the fun.

00:50 Brazilian culture is all about fluidity. Be less rigid and more chilled-out sometimes. You need to be able to live in a range from rigid to chaotic and choose the right one in the right moment.

01:02:40 There is a value in Creation over consumption. If you consume content with intent (because you're summarizing it at the same time, or at least taking notes), you're suddenly much sharper while consuming. Your brain turns on. If you publish it, you're going to put your reputation on the line, so it has to be good.

Author: Ali Abdaal Tiago Forte
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