Taking literature notes and transfer them to permanent notes.

Process of taking (literature) notes and transfering them to permanent notes (Zettelkasten)):

  1. Read an article, watch a video, read a book. Anything you can write notes for.
  2. While consuming, write notes in your own words (no copy-pasting) into a new file tagged with type "note".
  3. From the notes file, take one or more atomic ideas and write a file on it, using your own thoughts and words. Tag the file as "permanent".
  4. (Optional) Link the permanent file from a MOC.

Wrote an evergreen note for this: From literature notes to permanent notes.

Author: Effective Remote Work

  • [How I Take Literature Notes in Obsidian - Effective Remote Work](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jg69Ygf1XI