This is your most important decision.

This is your most important decision

"We believe that what you do with your career is probably the most important ethical decision of your life.
The first reason is the huge amount of time at stake. You have about 80,000 hours in your career: 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, for 40 years. That’s more time than you’ll spend eating, socialising, and watching Netflix put together."

"And that brings us to the second reason why your choice of career is so important: some careers give you the opportunity to do vastly more good for the world than others — to a much greater extent than people realise."

"We think the impact you can have in different careers is driven by three main factors:

  1. How pressing the problems are that you focus on
  2. The scale of the contribution the path lets you make to tackling those problems
  3. Your personal fit for the path"

"The bigger and more neglected an issue is, the greater the chances of an additional person having an impact."