AI Critics: You're Using It Wrong

I get quite irritated by people who seem to make it their life's goal to bash AI. They blow up every little mistake an AI makes. They go completely berserk over a generated image of a person with a six-fingered hand, or a video of a girl that has an odd walk, or even a piece of code that does what it's supposed to do but doesn't consider some exotic optimization.

So, here's to all the AI critics out there. Yes, AI is still far from human intelligence. No, it does not perform well on your strange and embarrassingly unique use case. That's because you're using it completely wrong.

AI is a tool that helps you. A tool that works with you instead of replacing you. You don't expect a toothbrush to stand up and scrub the grease from your shower. You don't expect a leash to walk your dog without you holding it. You don't expect a couch to drive to a furniture maker when it's broken. So, why are you expecting AI to do things it's not made for?

Grow up. Be realistic. And use your own mind sometimes.

DALLΒ·E 2024-07-05 07