An Anthem for Following Your Dreams

It was back in 2021 when I discovered the music of Moa Lignell, a singer-songwriter from Sweden. I listened to a few of her songs and added some to my Discoveries playlist for that year.

When new artists and their music catch my attention, it's usually because of the melodies. I love listening to music during train journeys or bike rides, so I need to be able to drift away on good vibes without needing to focus on the lyrics right away.

The lyrics, and the meaning of a song, come into play later1. The words of Moa's song Born to Be are very powerful:

My head is bigger than my heart tonight
Need to find another light
To get up in the morning
And hit the day like it was meant for me
Be the one I'm born to be
Light up every corner

For me, these lyrics are an anthem for following your feelings and dreams. Whether it's in the activities you do, the journeys you embark on, the job you work at, or life itself. Sometimes you need to "find another light to get up in the morning," whether that's a feeling you already have or one that will take a few more years to arrive.

There's a way of hitting the day for everyone. Don't stop until you find it.


  1. Funny thing: an English song's meaning only starts to make sense for me after I can sing along to its every word, still not knowing what it is about. It's crazy how that works.