Yordi Verkroost

Bend the Rules

Rules are just invented by other people.

Most people adhere to rules. And for some rules, it's clear why they exist. They are there for a reason.

You have to own a ticket to see a match live in a stadium because there is a maximum capacity. You have to follow traffic rules to ensure the safety of yourself and others. You need a permit to carry a weapon (in most civilized countries).

But not all rules that other people invented need to be followed. Have you ever applied for a job where you didn't meet all the requirements? I know I have. Actually, all the places I've worked had criteria that didn't fully apply to me. If I had followed these rules, I would never have had the opportunity to work there.

Have you ever tried to join an event after the final registration date had passed? I know I have. There were various occasions where I was still allowed to attend the event just by asking nicely.

Have you ever submitted an assignment after the deadline? I know I have. My late submissions were sometimes still accepted because I explained my situation.

If you always live by the rules, you miss out on amazing opportunities.

Within what's acceptable, try to bend the rules from time to time.

Bend the rules Image generated by DALL-E, an AI tool created by OpenAI.