Camping Trip Lessons

I have to remind myself to focus only on what I can control and make peace with everything I can't.

This weekend, I organized a camping event for youth athletes. A week in advance, I started worrying about the weather because it looked like it would rain a lot. One day, in particular, seemed like it would be soaking wet, and of course, that was the day we had planned most of the outdoor activities. I was concerned about whether they would still be fun if the weather turned out to be as bad as expected.

In hindsight, it turned out just fine. Yes, there was rain, but not as much as expected and not all day long. And even if there had been more rain, the activities could still have continued, albeit in an alternative way.

The weather is something I cannot control. What I can control is the way I deal with it and to make the best of the situation that is given to me. But it will still be hard to accept that.