Exploring Software Development Through Thrilling Novels

A new colleague of mine recently asked me for book recommendations about the process of software development. It was a great question because it got me thinking. The world of software is full of books discussing technology and best practices for writing good code, but what about books on process, team building, and effective companies?

After some thought, I remembered two books by Gene Kim (among others):

Both books feature stories about IT, DevOps, software development, and how to run a company. The main ideas presented are The Three Ways and The Five Ideals, patterns that should lead to DevOps success.

The secret sauce of these books is that they are written as page-turning novels—almost like thrillers. I still remember not being able to put these wonderful stories down.

And while you're here, one bonus tip: The Pragmatic Programmer, a book about development best-practices without focusing too much on technical (code) details. You're welcome!

If you haven't prepared your summer reading list yet and care about software development in any way, these books are absolutely recommended!

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