Yordi Verkroost

Grow Your Ideas Like A Seed

In the middle of a retrospective with my team, we had an idea. We were releasing new software versions frequently and wanted to communicate the content of these releases within the company. Both as a written log for ourselves as well as an update for other teams. The question was how we were going to make this happen. Surely we needed to discuss this with other teams first. Maybe our scrum master and product owner had to give their approval. And after that, we would need to inform our VP about...


No. We soon realised that if we would have to jump through so many hoops, things would never lift off. So, we decided on another approach.

We decided to start small and let things grow naturally. Like every forest, ideas start as a single seed that is put into the soil. With water, sunlight and a lot of care, that single seed can grow into a tree. And if you're lucky, that single tree produces its own seeds, growing into new trees.

Ideas are very similar. They also start small and with enough care, they will naturally grow into good ideas. And in the best scenario, other people start to provide the water and sunlight for your ideas, who will then plant the same seeds into other team's soil.

Let your ideas start small. With enough care, some time and a little bit of luck, they will grow bigger naturally.