Yordi Verkroost

Heptathlon 2

Seven notes on what's keeping me busy this week. One for each day.

  1. Sometimes you come across websites that make you smile instantly. The many small, fun, and handy projects from Good Enough are a great example of this. How about the blog platform Pika, the mini contact form Letterbird, or the instant website hosting from Yay.Boo. Small tools for a social and kind web. I'm sold.
  2. Since I started using the blog platform Bear, I've been fascinated by small initiatives on the internet that promote everyone having their own place on the web. A bit like a stylish website everyone had in the 90s. An example of such an initiative today is Good Enough. They make, among other things, the blog platform Pika, the simple contact form Letterbird, and the instant web hosting Yay.Boo. Check out their website. Before you know it, you'll be in love with "the small web" again.
  3. While I'm at it, honoring the small, creative web of yesteryear: continue your adventure on André Chaperon's website. He manifests the idea of a Tiny Digital World where Sovereign Creators take the lead. Say what? Does that sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo about nothing? Maybe you're right, but maybe this is exactly what we need on the internet. I'm going to dive further into it. My adventure is just beginning (and okay, two more quick tips: mmm.page and The Forest).
  4. When did teaching loose its focus? The teaching profession is wonderful, but there is also a shortage of teachers. Why is that? The problems may lie with small vacancies, second-degree salaries that are lower than salaries outside education, and additional non-teaching tasks that hinder the development of quality education. That's strange, but it should also be solvable. Right?
  5. Maybe you remember Greyson Chance? Fourteen years ago, his cover of Paparazzi was one of the viral videos of 2010. He still makes music, although he took a break in between. One of his latest songs is Rearview Mirror, which in this acoustic version is, in my opinion, the best. I don't follow him daily, but I'm always curious when a new album drops. Maybe this year.
  6. (Dutch) The ANWB is really no longer a brand for old-fashioned people. On YouTube, the duo Frank and Gert make a series of videos about everything related to cars. Recently, they both bought a used car and are now on a trip to Tuscany. Fun content for the weekend to relax.
  7. (Dutch) Is it weird to watch driving school videos when you've had your license for over ten years? Why would you do that? I don't really have a good reason other than that they are relaxing videos to watch after a long day at work. My two favorites are the videos from Rijschool Souldrive and StreetwizeTV. Recently they made this one and this one respectively. And don't blame me if you get addicted.