I do what gives me pleasure and energy. I do what challenges me. What I do makes me and others grow. Always with respect to everyone and always independent.

😄 Fun. I want activities to be fun and energizing. I feel motivation before, during and after activities. I want to finish with more (mental) energy than I started with.

🤝 Respect. I want to respect and be respected. For who I am. For what I do. For what I think. Values like openness, helpfulness and involvement will follow from it.

🥊 Challenge. I want to be challenged and learn new things constantly. Activities need to be just outside of my comfort zone to make me grow. Without challenge, no growth. Stagnation means decline.

🗽 Independence I want to be in control of my life. I want to make my own decisions at any moment and without taking hindering factors from others into account.