News in the Air

It's a summer day in July. I'm staring out of my apartment window, still recovering from my evening run through the city. The national football team played the first half of their semi-final match, and I discovered a new way to follow what's happening without watching. Loud screams a few minutes into my run, followed by cheers, signaled the first goal of the match. About ten minutes later, the cheers turned into horrified screams, and I knew enough.

This run made me realize how easy it is to stay informed about daily news and concerns without reading or watching them myself. The people around you chat about yesterday's stories at the coffee machine; all you have to do is nod politely, and you're up to date. It's something in the air that you can hear and smell. It's something that you can even feel sometimes.

What a bliss. Follow nothing and still be informed. From all-out social media life and always online to a stream of information that filters itself naturally.

"To know is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge." - Socrates

A black-and-white, cartoon-style image features a person running through a city street in the evening. The background includes buildings with windows, some showing people cheering and reacting to a football match. The runner appears thoughtful, with subtle indications of noise and excitement in the air, depicted by sound waves and exclamation marks near the buildings.