Re: Equally different

Hi Robert,

It's not July yet, I know. Still, I felt the need to reply to your post about the - as you say it - "lukewarm" start of July Reply. I understand your point of view: a few days have gone by since your announcement and only a handful of people actively signed up. That's less than the number of people who joined Junited since that challenge started at the beginning of this month.

In your post, it all seems to culminate in a single, almost desperate question:

“Why am I even doing this for?”

Besides the reason you give yourself - you write because you love it - let me provide you with another one.

I had a short and non-consistent blogging phase somewhere between the end of 2020 and halfway through 2021. Not much to show for, but at least writing was part of my life. That suddenly stopped, for reasons that are unclear to me. It might have had something to do with my new teaching career that started around the same time and took most of my energy. In hindsight, writing and reflecting during that phase through a blog could have helped me to grow faster.

Ah, the joys of hindsight.

Anyway, let me get back to the point. The reason I got back to blogging and seem to enjoy it up until now is people like you. Supportive people in a community that help each other, support each other, and challenge each other to keep writing, to keep grinding, no matter the goal. Sure, it's nice to see some posts breaking barriers with hundreds of views, but it's equally nice to get that single response from someone telling you your post touched them in some way. Quality over quantity. And because we might not say it enough to each other, this post is for you and all the other people who touch the lives of others, even without always knowing it themselves.

Keep on blogging,