Re: To an Unknown Blogger

Hi Kevin1 ,

Today I saw your post, asking other people to write to you about anything. Well, isn't that a coincidence: you wish to read what others write, and I wish to write on a more regular schedule (with the bonus of others possibly reading it and building connections as I go). This should benefit us both, how awesome! I'm not really sure yet what I will write to you about, but I'm confident that the words will start to flow once I begin.

My name is Yordi, a computer science and software development teacher and athletics coach from The Netherlands. You know, that country that won the European Championships in football in 1988 and will win it again this year. The country that was unjustly banned from Eurovision this year for reasons that are still unknown. And the country that everyone associates with Amsterdam and weed, for some reason. Of the latter, I know nothing.

Your blog post mentioned you would appreciate any reply, whether it be about books, music, video games or something else. That prompted me to open my profile on Hardcover to look at the list of books I recently read. Scrolling through it, I stopped when I reached Beyond the Wand, written by Tom Felton (you know, the guy who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series). The problem is, I have no idea what made me stop scrolling there. It must have something to do with your blog post, but my conscience doesn't tell me the real reason. I do remember a passage from the book where Tom walks along the English coast, his vision blurred by excessive use of alcohol and other means that God forbid. Maybe the fact that he walked there alone made an unconscious connection to what you wrote.

Let me tell you something. I do not want to spoil the book in case you get interested and want to read it. What I do know is that Tom reached his destination and played some wonderful post-Potter roles. Apparently, that walk along the coast was the start of a new part of his life. Alone-time, although not chosen, got him back on track and into a new and wonderful world. I really hope (and know) that you'll get to see that point of view as well. If not today or tomorrow, then somewhat later.

All the best,

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  1. The real name is known to the editor.