Yordi Verkroost

Writing Without a Plan

Starting a writing habit is hard. After the initial euphoria of having the plan, the first big hurdle appears before you can blink:

What the hell do you write about?

This is what's happening to me right now. And it's weird because there are so many options. I'm participating in Junited, an event in June where you add to a blog-roll every day of the month, showcasing blog posts from other people that you loved reading. On the one hand, that's an awesome idea. It forces you to read other people's blogs and get inspired by what they write about. On the other hand, it puts you in a tight spot. Because: how are all those people able to just write about anything, every day of the week? How do you stay inspired?

So far in this blog post, the answer is actually quite simple:

Just start writing.

Open an empty canvas in your favorite editor and get your fingers moving. That's exactly what I did writing this blog post. Don't be fooled into thinking I had any idea what I wanted to write about a few moments ago. But, as if by magic, a blog post has appeared. And it seems this strategy of "just start writing" is highly effective.

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