Heptathlon 4

Seven notes on what's keeping me busy this week. One for each day.

  1. This weekend, I organized a camping event for youth athletes. A week in advance, I started worrying about the weather because it looked like it would rain a lot. One day, in particular, seemed like it would be soaking wet, and of course, that was the day we had planned most of the outdoor activities. I was concerned about whether they would still be fun if the weather turned out to be as bad as expected. But, the weather is something I cannot control. What I can control is the way I deal with it and make the best of the situation given to me. But it will still be hard to accept that.

  2. I updated the home page of my personal website and added a link to a random blog post. Since I'm using Bear blog and wanted this process documented for myself and possibly others, I wrote down the steps I took to realize this. Or in other words: A Step-by-Step Guide: Random Post in Bear Blog.

  3. Some days, I'm inspired to write blog posts and the words just flow. But on some other days, it's a little more difficult. Robert Birming wrote a new page on his website with blog inspiration, ranging from topics to write about to blogging workflow and all kinds of recommended resources. An interesting read, especially as Robert has been updating this post throughout last week.

  4. As an addition to that, I stumbled upon Daily Prompts. There is a new prompt each day that triggers you to write about something if you don't have anything in mind yourself. As it was my birthday last week, I wrote about the question "What do you like to do on your birthday?" and wrote a post about it.

  5. As a kid, I always thought I was unstoppable. I believed nothing could physically hurt me and that every horrible situation I could think of would have a simple solution. Like jumping at the right moment in a falling elevator to avoid the crash or pushing off from part of a falling plane just before it hits the ground, landing safely a second later. These "dreams" fade away when you get older, but the trick is to keep dreaming, albeit a little more realistically.

  6. The Analogues are probably the best Beatles cover band that existed in the last decade. Not only do they play all the songs that the original Beatles never played live, they also do it on the original instruments. At the end of this year, the cover group will play their last three shows in the Ziggo Dome, a big music venue in Amsterdam. And this weekend they played at Pinkpop, one of the biggest music festivals in The Netherlands. A few songs from their set are on YouTube.

  7. We all know the spectacular music score of The Lord of the Rings. But not many people know that some of the artists who perform on the score were just young kids. One of the goosebump moments is Ben Del Maestro recording the score Osgiliath Invaded. You know, that part in the movies when Gandalf enters on his white horse to save the day. See it for yourself in a studio version or with the movie in the background and be amazed!

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