Junited 2024: A Journey Through the IndieWeb

June 2024 has come to an end, and with that Junited 2024. It was a month where I embarked on an adventure through the IndieWeb and found much more than just the daily blog posts I was looking for.

Yes, I did manage to pick one blog post for every day of the month, and I read many more posts every day that didn't make it to the final list. I discovered interesting personal websites that I added to my RSS feed and look forward to being inspired by in the future.

In hindsight, that was not the most important thing I got out of Junited for myself. The best thing this challenge gave me was the renewed love for writing my thoughts on digital paper. It brought back inspiration to pen down a new post (almost) every day, which not only improves my writing skills but also lets me take a moment to reflect continuously. It made me think about the vectorized web and implement it on my own blog. It started a few small Bear plugins, like retrieving the last song I listened to, adding search functionality for blog posts, and showing a random blog post to read.

In the best-case scenario, a blog post is a win-win situation that offers value for both the reader and the writer. While I do not have full influence on the former, I certainly do have that on the latter.

Junited 2024 ignited my fire for the small web and the awesome communities that come with it.

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