What inspires my blogging

After the series Why we write and Our blogging workflow (which I did not contribute to yet), Robert Birming posed the following question:

What inspires your blogging?

It's an interesting question because, as Robert says, it can help other people identify topics to write about on their blogs. Hopefully, it shows that writing does not need to be hard. Like all things, you just have to start doing it.

I (re)started blogging quite recently and generally get inspired by two things:

  1. Software development experiences
  2. Anything else

The first topic probably makes sense without much explanation. I write about the (open source) code I create, both to reflect on it myself and to help others. Recent examples are posts about how to implement blog search on the Bear blogging platform, showing my most recently played song, and using vectors as menu icons. Generally, I do something (coding) and find it helpful to write about it for reflection purposes. Also, writing about code inspires me to keep coding new stuff as well.

The second topic that inspires me can literally be anything else. It could be something I noticed during a camping trip, remembering great software novels after a colleague's question, or thoughts about the appreciation for our teachers. I also find inspiration in posts from other bloggers who advocate to just write, every day or at least regularly, even if you're unsure what you want to accomplish with your writing. Blog posts don't always have to be long. A short blog post can be as powerful as a long one: it's all about the message within.

What is your inspiration to blog? Just write it down and make sure to notify Robert via his email or Mastodon.

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